Interviews with Cathy Duffy

Interview with Bo Bonner and Dr. Bud Marr on “The Uncommon Good” Nov. 1, 2018

Interview with Chloe Langr on “Letters to Women” Oct. 31. 2018

Interview for OC Catholic newspaper, Dec. 6, 2018: “Evangelism at the Holidays” by Cathi Douglas.

Cathy is interviewed on “At Home with Jim and Joy” on EWTN on February 6, 2019.

Featured Articles

“Falling Away and Coming Home”
This article by Mike Filce helps us understand why Catholics leave the Church and why some might return.


Telling Others in this Cultural Moment” by Ger Jones
Ger Jones does a fantastic job of explaining how to evangelize in our modern, post-Christian culture. He’s an advocate of Alpha, and views it as a critical tool in the process.

Bishop Robert Barron talks with Jordan Peterson in March 2019. For those who want to understand the challenges of evangelization in our modern culture, this podcast is highly relevant.

Cathy’s discussion with Joseph Wise (Mar. 17, 2019)
Joseph and I had a very lively conversation that ranged from my faith journey and my return to the Catholic Church through homeschooling and practical evangelism. We covered a lot of territory and had fun doing so! You’ll enjoy listening in.

“Be Unashamed of the Gospel” (Dec. 5, 2018)
Ascension Press sponsors a podcast series with Michael Gormley and Dave VanVickle on evangelism. This first segment is extremely practical, offering five practical takeaways that can be implemented this week. Watch for the rest of the series.

“A Conversation with  Paul Copan” (Nov. 30, 2018)
Warren Cole Smith interviews evangelical Christian philosopher Paul Copan on evangelism-related topics,  including the problem of evil. This is very thought-provoking for all Christians.

Online or DVD videos


  • Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly (Beacon Publishing)
  • Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly (Beacon Publishing)
  • The Real Story by Curtis Martin and Edward Sri (Beacon Publishing)
  • Catholic and Christian by Alan Schreck (Servant)
  • Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth (Catholic Answers)
  • Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry A. Weddell (Our Sunday Visitor)
  • The Joy of the Gospel (Pope Francis’s encyclical Evangelii Guadium) (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
  • Nudging Conversions: A Practical Guide to Bringing Those You Love Back to the Church by Carrie Gress (Beacon Publishing)
  • Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (Harper One)
  • The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (Harper One)
  • Something Other than God by Jennifer Fulwiler (Ignatius Press)
  • The God Who Loves You: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling by Peter Kreeft (Ignatius Press)
  • Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie (Ignatius Press)
  • By What Authority: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition by Mark Shea (Ignatius Press)
  • Crossing the Tiber by Stephen Ray (Ignatius Press)
  • The Protestant’s Dilemma: How the Reformation’s Shocking Consequences Point to the Truth of Catholicism by Devin Rose (Catholic Answers)
  • Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn (Ignatius Press)
  • Surprised by Truth, edited by Patrick Madrid (Basilica Press) and Surprised by Truth 2 and 3 (Sophia Institute Press)
  • Why Do Catholics Do That? A Guide to the Teachings and Practices of the Catholic Church by Kevin Orlin Johnson Ph.D. (Ballantine Books)
  • The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn (Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd.)
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
  • Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
  • Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI (Ignatius Press) Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West (Ascension Press)
  • Good News About Sex & Marriage (Revised Edition): Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching. by Christopher West (Servant)
  • The Universe Next Door by James Sire (IVP Academic)
  • Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey (David C. Cook)
  • Understanding the Times by Jeff Myers and David A. Noebel (David C. Cook)
  • Catholicism and Reason by Rev. Edward J.Hayes, Rev. Msgr. Paul J. Hayes, and James J. Drummey (plus four other books in the series) (CR Publications)
  • How to Do Apologetics: Making the Case for Our Faith by Patrick Madrid (Our Sunday Visitor)
  • Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton (GLH Publishing)
  • Thoughtful Theism: Redeeming Reason in an Irrational Age by Andrew Younan (Emmaus Road Publishing)
  • Why I Am Catholic (and You Should Be Too) by Brandon Vogt (Ave Maria Press)
  • Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love by Trent Horn (Catholic Answers)
  • The Case for Catholicism by Trent Horn (Ignatius Press)

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